The APV-IN-system is based on the following innovations:
- steel CABLE IN a rectangular Jäkel TUBE, see the section Cable-in-Tube
- steel or climbing ROPE IN a metal PIPE, see the section Rope-in-Pipe



Solar modules are fixed to ropes (upper edge of the module) and thin-walled pipes (lower edge of the module, Rope-in-Pipe system).
To optimize the sunlight transparency, rainfall homogeneity, snow load and wind resistance we suggest the use of:
- cylindrical solar panels and/or/combined with
- narrow plane panels rotatable around a longitudinal axis.


Narrow rotatable modules optimize the Solar Sharing in two ways:
- solar tracking with falling of sun's rays perpendicular to the panels
- full solar output outside the crop growing season, no snow in winter

For more details, see the section Module-in-System.