Solar modules are fixed to ropes (upper edge of the module) and thin-walled pipes (lower edge of the module, Rope-in-Pipe system).
To optimize the sunlight transparency, rainfall homogeneity, snow load and wind resistance we suggest the use of:
- cylindrical solar panels and/or/combined with
- narrow plane panels rotatable around a longitudinal axis.


Narrow rotatable modules optimize the Solar Sharing in two ways:
- solar tracking with falling of sun's rays perpendicular to the panels
- full solar output outside the crop growing season, no snow in winter


Sunlight transparency - width of narrow panels (20-40 cm) vs. size of standard panels (100 x 165-200 cm)
Rainfall homogeneity - can be maximized by the longitudinal rotation to a vertical position of panels
Snow load - low adherence of the snow on cylindrical panels and narrow panels in the vertical position
Wind resistance - the in-panels with low wind resistance enabled to reduce the cost of used steel.

Through the longitudinal rotation of panels, seasonal solar sharing can be optimized.

Examples of the current traditional solutions:

APV-RESOLA in Heggelbach, Germany

Power Plant Oo in Tsukuba, Japan

Comparison of the standard plane panels with narrow plane panels and cylindrical panels:

Cylindrical panel solutions:

Solyndra Glass Tubes

Solar Cloth System

Narrow plane panel rotatable around a longitudinal axis:

Rotatable fixation of the panels to the Rope-in-Pipe element:

Upper edge of the narrow plane panel:

Lower edge of the narrow plane panel: