Steel or climbing rope in a metal pipe, fixed by a spiral of polyamide rope.


Rope - the main bearing element is placed in a pipe to enable higher rope tension
Pipe - the thin-walled circular tube carrying panels made from steel/dural/plastic
Spiral - fixing thin rope from polyamide (PA)

The panel carrying system without ropes requires two parallel beams.
The pure rope solution without pipes yields to a crash in the case of a rope failure.
The rope failure of the APV-IN-system is compensated by the stability of the pipes alone.

Comparison with examples of the current solutions:

APV-RESOLA in Heggelbach, Germany

Power Plant Oo in Tsukuba, Japan

Rope rack in South Tyrol, Austria

The lower rope carrying panels is placed in a thin-walled pipe:

The lower steel rope with a spiral PA rope without a pipe:

Fixation of the lower rope to the Cable-in-Tube element: